Coffee shop, company logo-  
  We will produce coasters.  
We produce your promotional coasters.

★★★★★ Very satisfied
gud *** Fit is so pretty !! Comfortable
Super awesome!
It's so comfortable and light

★★★★★ Very satisfied
bib *** Comfortable and luxurious.In interior use,
It helps to keep the atmosphere alive.

★★★★★ Very satisfied
gud *** Coffee logo is inscribed.
Our customers love cup coasters.

★★★★★ Very satisfied
bib *** b I use it as a coffee coaster
The guests are very pretty.

Reserve and Points Period of use
Rewards generated by the order will not be converted to actual usable reserves until 20 days have passed since the delivery completion check. 20 days will be classified as unused reserve. Unused reserves are reserves for orders that are not actually purchased for returns or cancellations.
The available reserves (total reserves-used reserves-unused reserves) can be used immediately when purchasing products.

Ticket Discount Coupon-Must be used within 7 days from the date of announcement. Discount coupons for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th coupons will be forfeited. Do not miss a good opportunity and have a pleasant shopping.

[Terms of use] Terms & Conditions
When using reserves, the minimum available reserve (purchase reserve required) is 5000 won. The maximum allowable reserve for use of the reserve (the maximum amount that can be used once) is 5000 won.

Destruction condition
If you cancel or refund your order, the accumulated credits will be canceled. When you withdraw from your membership, your reserve will automatically expire. If there is no accumulation of additional reserves for three years from the date of the last deposit, the reserves will be forfeited.
-Do not use it for other purposes and be careful not to handle infants.
-Keep away from open flames and sharp objects.
-Strong impact or excessive force may cause deformation of the product.
-Injection molding marks or fine scratches may occur during the production process of PP material, but this is a normal product without problems in using the product.
-Avoid using in an unstable place and place it on a flat surface.
-Be careful not to scratch it with a brush or polishing powder.
-Please compare the size of the product with the space you use.
-Colors may vary depending on the monitor specifications.
-There may be some errors depending on the measurement method.
-The lid and body are separated to minimize product damage.
The body and the lid can be easily connected, so please use it after connecting.
* The colors may differ from the actual product depending on the resolution and brightness of the monitor.
* Please check the detail cut is closer to the actual product color than the model cut.
* If you discover that you have stolen all the pictures and contents on the slow mailbox site, you may be legally entitled to legal action.
The product has antifouling treatment (pollution prevention), but only antifouling treatment has its limitations. Please note that when using the customer. Please note that light colored products can be transferred by dark clothing (jeans, dark clothing, etc.). Please note that dark colored products may be transferred to clothing when worn with brightly colored clothing. Be careful of hot and humid weather (especially during the rainy season).

[Exchange and Return Information]
For unused products after receipt of goods, exchange / return due to customer's remorse is possible within 3 days after receipt, or within 30 days after receipt. Even if the product is defective, it may be difficult to exchange / return the used product, and only after-sales service is available. The company shall bear the return cost due to defects or damages, etc., and the return shipping cost due to exchange / return due to customer's remorse and return rejection / address error should be paid by the customer. When you send a product, please send it to the customer guide with the place of purchase, order number, order name and contact information. (Additional charges may apply when using other couriers.)
[Replacement and Sale Limited]
When the product is lost or damaged due to the customer's responsibility Please note that it may be difficult to exchange or return the bag or product case if it is damaged or lost.)

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[A / S Information]
A / S due to product defects such as plating and coating is free during the free repair period (plating, coding-up to 1 day of receipt). Even if covered within the warranty period, consumer negligence is the responsibility of the customer. After the free repair period (up to 30 days after purchase), repair service will be provided at the customer's expense. Repair takes more than 2 ~ 4 weeks, and when you send the product to be repaired, please enclose the name and contact number of the person who ordered it.
More Details
상세 정보
  • Color
     Red, orange
  • Size
      (W) 10 x (D) 10 x (H) 10cm
  • Capacity
  • Weight
  • Manufacturer
  • Date of Manufacture
  • Country of Origin
  • A / S information and person in charge
    한국어 쇼핑몰 고객센터 / 07077989170