Coffee Shop-Frames available for interior use.
We will make a frame for your coffee shop interior.

★★★★★ Very satisfied
gud *** The fit is so pretty !! Comfortable
It's so comfortable and light to move

★★★★★ Very satisfied
bib *** Comfortable and luxurious, in use as an interior,
It keeps the atmosphere.

★★★★★ Very satisfied
gud *** I am using the logo of the coffee shop.
Our customers love the coasters.

★★★★★ Very satisfied
Because bib *** b is used as a coffee cup
Customers say they are very pretty.


-Do not use for any other purpose, and be careful not to handle it by infants and toddlers.
-Keep away from fire or sharp objects.
-The product may be deformed if a strong shock or excessive force is applied.
-In the manufacturing process of PP material, injection molding marks or fine scratches may occur, but please note that this is a normal product with no problems in using the product.
-Avoid use in an unstable place and place it on a flat surface.
-Be careful when cleaning with a brush or abrasive powder.
-Be sure to compare the space you are using with the size of the product.
-There may be color difference depending on monitor specifications.
-There may be some errors depending on the measurement method.
-To minimize product damage, the lid and body are shipped separately.
The main body and lid can be easily connected, so please connect and use them. * Depending on the resolution and brightness of the monitor, there may be a difference in color from the actual product.
* Make sure that the detail cut is closer to the color of the actual product than the model cut.
* You may be subject to legal action if any photos or contents on the slow mail site are found to be illegally used.

The product is treated with antifouling (anti-pollution treatment), but there is a limit to antifouling treatment alone. Therefore, we will give you cautions when using it. Light-colored products can be transferred by dark-colored clothing (jeans, dark-colored clothing, etc.), so be careful when wearing them. Please note that dark-colored products may be transferred to clothing when worn together with light-colored clothing. Please be careful of hot and humid weather (especially during the rainy season).

[Reservations and Points Period and use]
The reserves accrued from the order are converted into actual reserves available 20 days after the check of delivery completion. For 20 days, it is classified as unused reserve. Unused reserves are reserves for orders that are not actually purchased in preparation for returns, cancellations, etc.
Available reserves (total reserves-used reserves-unused reserves) can be used immediately upon purchase.

Ticket Discount Coupon-Must be used within 7 days of the announcement date. 1st discount coupon, 2nd discount coupon, 3rd discount coupon, 4th discount coupon, 5th discount coupon, unused coupons will be extinguished. Don't miss a good opportunity and have a nice shopping.

[Terms & Conditions
When using reserves, the minimum purchaseable reserve (the purchaseable reserve requirement line) is 5000 won. When using the reserve, the maximum purchase reserve (maximum amount that can be used once) is 5000 won.

[Extinction condition] Destruction condition
If the order is canceled / refunded, the accumulated reserves for product purchases will be canceled. In case of withdrawal from membership, the reserve will automatically be forfeited. If there is no accumulation of additional reserves for 3 years from the date of the last deposit, the reserves will be forfeited.
[Exchange and return information]
For products that are not used after receipt of the product, exchange / return is possible within 3 days after receipt of customer change, or within 30 days after receipt if defective. Even if the product is defective, it may be difficult to exchange / return the used product, and only A / S is possible. Return costs due to defects such as product defects or damages are borne by the company, and the customer must pay the return shipping cost for exchange / return due to customer change, or return due to refusal / address error. When sending a product, please include the place of purchase, order number, order name, and contact information in the customer guide. (Additional charges may apply when using other couriers.)

[When exchange and sales are limited]
When the product is lost or damaged due to the customer's responsible reason, the package has been opened, or if the value of the product has been significantly lost due to the damage of the packaging, the value of the product has decreased significantly (TAG, product sticker, dust, etc.) to prevent resale over time. If the bag, product case (genuine box), etc. is damaged or lost, please understand that exchange and return may be difficult.)

[Return to]
VioinMuseuM, 171-1 Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

[A / S information]
A / S due to defects in products such as plating and coating is free of charge within the free repair period (plating, coding-until 1 day of receipt). Even if it is included within the free repair period, customer careless damage is the responsibility of the customer. After the free repair period (up to 30 days after purchase), repair service will be provided at the customer's expense. The repair takes more than 2 ~ 4 weeks, and when sending the product to be repaired, please enclose the name of the person who ordered it and the contact information.